This User Guide is here to help you get the most out of your exercise with. Suunto M4. Suunto M4 to, upload training logs, share your progress with friends .. this documentation can be downloaded at View and Download SUUNTO M4 user manual online. Suunto M4 heart rate monitor. M4 Heart Rate Monitor pdf manual download. Suunto M4 Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Suunto M4 User Manual.

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5 This User Guide is here to help you get the most out of your exercise with Suunto M4. Read it through to make SUUNTO M4 USER MANUAL Pdf. Download. user manual online suunto m4 heart rate monitor m4 heart rate monitor manual download. file suunto m4 instruction manual smim 9 2 2 2 suunto m4 instruction. your computer, you can download of ebooks now. Download: Suunto M4 Manual Full Version Read Online at Free Download.

Exercise may include some risk, especially for those who have been 11 12 inactive.

We strongly advise you to consult your doctor prior to beginning a regular exercise program. Moisten the contact areas and put on the HR belt. In the time view, press to select exercise. Confirm exercise with. Press to start recording your exercise.

While you are wearing the HR belt properly, the HR values are shown. In order to use heart rate information during exercise, HR value needs to be shown. TIP: During recording, press to glance the heart rate and time. During exercise, press to view the duration without HR. These should be done with low intensity zone 1 or below. Read more about using HR zones in Section 8. However, exercising near overhead power lines, magnetic or electronic devices may cause interference with the HR signal.

Check that the electrode areas of the HR belt are moist. Move away from any potential sources of interference. This information can be both helpful and rewarding. Here are some ideas on how to use the device during exercise: Press to see in real time the duration, your HR and additionally your average HR, kcal consumption, the heart rate zone you are in and the time.

Adjust the intensity of the exercise to reach the desired heart rate zone. Keep pressed to lock the button to avoid accidentally stopping your stopwatch.

Press to stop the exercise. You cannot switch the sounds on, if you have set sounds to all off in general settings, see Chapter 12 Adjusting settings on page Heart rate zones For information on maximum HR, see Chapter 4 Getting started on page 7.

Heart rate zones are percentages of your maximum heart rate. The intensity of your exercise is determined by the time you spend in each of the three zones. TIP: Use zones 2 and 3 to reach a good fitness level. Avoid exercising in zone 3 too often to avoid overtraining or injury.

TIP: If you press to see the heart rate zone you are in during exercise, you will also hear a sound when your HR zone changes. Select yes to confirm stopping the exercise and to view the summary, or select no to continue the exercise.

Press to browse through the different views of the summary.

Keep pressed to return to the time view. You can view the following information in the summary: starting time and date of the exercise duration of the exercise percentage of time spent below, within and above each zone amount of calories burned average HR peak HR NOTE: If you exercised without HR, the summary shows only the starting time, date, and duration of the exercise.

To view the previous exercise summary later, press in the time view and select prev. The device saves the exercise log automatically if you do not continue the exercise by pressing within one hour. To continue recording, select no. TIP: Hand-wash the heart rate belt regularly after use to avoid unpleasant odor. In the time view, press.

Confirm your selection with. Press to browse through the views. After you have browsed through the views, the device returns to the time view.

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You can view the following information: number and duration of all saved exercises number and duration of the saved exercises during the last 4 weeks 20 21 calories burned during the last 4 weeks percentage of time spent in each heart rate zone during the last 4 weeks is shown when HR is in zone 1, 2, or 3 en During exercise, you can only set the sounds on or off by keeping pressed. To adjust the settings: 1. In the time view, keep pressed to enter the settings.

Press to enter the first setting. You can browse through the setting steps with and.

Press or to change the values. Press to confirm and to move to the next setting. If you still want to modify the settings, select no to return to the first setting. HR sounds: all on: all sounds are on 22 23 buttons off: you will hear all other sounds, except button presses all off: all sounds are off when the sounds are off, is shown on the display during exercise en TIP: Switch the sounds on or off during exercise by keeping cannot switch the sounds on, if you have set sounds to all off.

You Example: adjusting alarm settings When the alarm is on, is shown on the display. Browse to alarm with and confirm with. Set the alarm on or off with and. Confirm with. Set the alarm time with and. When the alarm sounds, press stop to turn it off.

After you have stopped the alarm, it sounds the same time the following day. Remove the alarm in the settings. To put the device into sleep mode: 1. After the last step of general settings, when the device asks you to confirm that the setting changes are done, keep pressed until the device goes into sleep mode.

Press any button to activate the device again. Set the initial settings, see Chapter 4 Getting started on page 7. NOTE: When replacing the battery, only the time and date change. The device remembers your previous initial settings and recorded exercises Changing language If you want to change the device's language or you have chosen the wrong language when setting up the device, the device needs to be put to sleep.

For information on how to put the device to sleep, see Section Under normal circumstances the device will not require servicing. After use, rinse it with fresh water, mild soap, and carefully clean the housing with a moist soft cloth or chamois.

Do not try to repair the unit yourself. It is a receiving more than a doing, synccreation licking a chocolate. Get your Suunto product suunto m4 manual with our online service request. When replacing the battery, sjunto the time and date change. We do this using the highest energies of the heart, such as love, compassion, synccreation manual forgiveness, in a specially focused way.

Suunto M2 Heart Rate Monitor Manual

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SUUNTO M4 User Manual

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2 changing language – SUUNTO M4 User Manual

We strongly advise you to consult your doctor prior to beginning a regular exercise program. TIP: Hand-wash the heart rate belt regularly after use to avoid unpleasant odor. Training programs How can I take an interesting training program into use?

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