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His Lady Mistress book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. DOWNTRODDEN SERVANT OR GRACIOUS LADY?When Max, Earl. Скачать бесплатно книгу His Lady Mistress - Elizabeth Rolls в форматах fb2, rtf , epub, pdf, txt или читать онлайн. Отзывы на книгу. rolls - pdf view and downloadable. pdf file about download his lady mistress by elizabeth rolls - pdf selected and prepared for you by browsing on search.

Sign Up. Home Books Harlequin Historical Current: His Lady Mistress. When Max, Earl Blakehurst, meets Verity he sees a downtrodden servant.

He doesn't recognize her as the daughter of a colonel under whom he used to serve, the girl he'd once helped years before. The life Verity's now living is untenable. It's only once that Verity's finally agreed, once Max is beginning to lose his heart to her, that he discovers her true identity. Max is taken aback; he would never have suggested this lady become his mistress. Now, to avoid scandal, they'll have to marry!

Presumptuous girl! Go to your room! That sort never know their place. Verity retreated to the stairs and raced up to her dark, chilly little room. Closing the door behind her, she leaned against it, shaking in the cold blackness. Eyes tight shut, she saw again the face of her rescuer. Familiar eyes stared back haughtily. The moonlight had never revealed their colour. Burning amber. Verity prepared quickly for bed in the dark. Dazed, she let the book fall open where it would.

I have good reports of his intelligence and courage from his previous commanders Almost like a son. He has a gentle way with women and children. And apparently all the women Max had entertained in Brussels had been more than willing. It did not appear that her father had thought the worse of Max for his youthful sins. Max was mentioned regularly. She knew his expertise with horses and his fondness for dogs. She knew he hated tea and how he liked his coffee.

She even knew how he liked his eggs and bacon. And that he was perfectly capable of cooking it himself. Above all his kindness and thought for an orphaned child glowed in her memory He was as real and precious to her as life itself.

And now he was here, in the house, supposedly courting her cousin. Shivering, she replaced the journal and snuffed the candle. She had never thought that he might be of such high degree.

His Lady Mistress. By Elizabeth Rolls

She wished she could forget. Then she could at least have held on to her vision of Max. Max who, at least in her dreams, might be able to care for the disgraced daughter of a suicide. Now the image she had held all these years was overlaid with the disturbing reality. An aristocrat who would never give her a second thought. Bitterly she remembered asking if she would ever see him again. Better not, little one. I can offer you nothing. Earl Blakehurst could offer nothing to Verity Scott.

And, if she possessed the least vestige of common sense, she would stay out of his way. He only hoped he had convinced Lady Faringdon that his meeting with the unfortunate Selina had been entirely his fault. Somehow he doubted it. Dark, shadowy grey. They struck a strange chord in him.

Another girl had looked at him like that. A few quietly voiced threats might do the trick. Merely that you might have a word with your son. I found him forcing his attentions on Which one? Faringdon shrugged and picked up his cue. Just a housemaid. Young men need to have their fun. You know how it is, my lord. A maidservant! He went up to his bedchamber, where he found his exbatman folding shirts. Harding grinned. Stuck-up lot, they are. Any luck, sir?

Then let it out. Goodnight, Harding. Elizabeth Rolls 41 All he wanted was some peace and quiet in which to think. To accept that he had failed Verity Scott as badly as he had failed her father. He had assumed that all was well, that she was safe with her relatives. He had thought there was nothing he could do. The silence pounded the same message into his brain over and over.

He had assumed wrongly. What the hell had they done to her? Had Godfrey bullied her? Persecuted her the way he was apparently persecuting that poor girl, Selina? Bitterly Max accepted that he would never know.

That no one would talk for fear of scandal. Just the bleak misery and fear in her dark eyes. Enthroned on a canopied sofa in her boudoir the following morning, Lady Faringdon ranted at her errant niece. You conniving little slut! How dare you! Do you think—? How frightful!

Whatever happened? She could tell the truth about what Godfrey wanted—and be accused of trying to trap him into marriage. To share that particular trap with Godfrey Better dead. Breathing deeply, she sank into herself, away from the stream of invective, away from the hatred, letting it wash over her. She forced her eyes to remain blank, uncaring. It was the only defence she had left. A cloak of meekness over the boiling fury within. The door opened abruptly to admit Lord Faringdon.

His bulging gaze lit on Verity. Only too glad to remove herself, Verity headed for the door. She shut the door with a shaking hand and glanced around the corridor. Swiftly she bent to the keyhole. She was used to hearing nothing good of herself, and sometimes knowledge was safety. Do you hear me? For the next few days she was safe. Three to go. Everyone was still out on their riverboating expedition. She had at least two hours before she need expect them.

Aunt Faringdon had made it perfectly plain yesterday morning that if she There was nowhere else to go. Not unless hell froze over and Aunt Faringdon gave her a reference as a governess or companion. Without a reference she was helpless. He spoke not a word, but looked around wildly.

The doors stood wide and to her utter amazement he slipped into the corner behind the door. Still without a word. Shove that mending basket in front, girl. The door opened and Lady Moncrieff looked in. From her position she could see the lordship in question. And the very faint shake of his head. Do you need summat mending? Up here, mum?

What would his lordship want wiv the likes of me? Heat surged across her cheeks. Your accent was inspired. His brows rose. If he stayed You helped me. Please—you must go! Most of them were only too pleased to have someone to look down upon.

One or two were sorry for her, but the rest took their tone from their mistress. He grinned at her and pulled out a large handkerchief. And ripped it almost in half. I brought it along for mending. Drat the man! She would be in the most appalling scrape if they were caught and all she wanted to do was smile back! And shut her eyes in horror.

Was she mad? An appreciative chuckle made her eyes snap open. But I do have a very saving disposition. Hangover from my army days. Ask my valet. He stared at her.

Like Godfrey? Oh, no! But please go! Her stomach lurched. Instead, he came towards her. Every precept of good sense and modesty shrieked at her to strike his hand away. She remained still, captive to his gentle touch.

When had she last been touched gently? The answer shook her to the core. By Max Blakehurst. Only now his touch made her restless, sent shivers rippling through her. She forced herself to remain still, rigid. After a moment his hand dropped. He inclined his head. Twenty minutes later Max rode out of the stable yard. With Lady Moncrieff stalking him through the house, retreat was the only sane tactic.

He drew the lathered animal to a halt, dismounted and loosened her girth. Give you a breather. There was no rush, he could take his time getting back.

There was nothing to hold him at Faringdon Hall.

Or was there? Deep grey eyes swam into focus. Wary, shuttered eyes, fringed with the darkest lashes. Selina Dering. He came to a dead halt. Why the devil Elizabeth Rolls 47 would he consider staying for Selina? As far as he could judge, his warning to Godfrey and Lord Faringdon had taken effect. She had said herself that Godfrey had not been near her.

What more could he do for her? He wanted her. It was only half-true. On the contrary. Her very refusal to have anything to do with him piqued his interest. Most girls in her position would be doing their utmost to cast languishing smiles, practically tripping over themselves—literally—to engage his interest. He grinned. All you have to do is offer. She can refuse. And she would. Her whole response to him suggested that.

Far from trying to catch his attention, she had been practically pushing him out of the door of the sewing room. Hardly encouraging, but at least she had some spirit left. He faced another truth.

When he left, what was to prevent Godfrey taking up where he had left off? Probably at the most he had won the girl a breathing space. He swore under his breath. Not until he had made quite sure that Selina was safe. Anything else I can carry for you? Mistrustful Fidget, as likely to bite a man as not, with her head on his shoulder like an overgrown spaniel.

Why not Selina? He had rescued Fidget from a young idiot who was mistreating her brutally. He caught himself up with a rueful grin. Arrogant coxcomb! Selina was a girl, a woman. Fidget had been given no choice in her fate. Selina had every right to refuse. Fidget had learnt to trust him after he had taken her. Selina would have to learn before he took her, if she learnt at all.

He had just over a sennight left. Where did that notion come from? Since when had he wanted affection from one of his mistresses? All he wanted from his mistresses was a couple of months of pure and simple pleasure. Three at the most. Well, maybe not pure. But no more than three months. Not even from the loveliest of them. So there it was—he wanted Selina. Right down to her freckles. His whole being revolted at the thought.

He took a deep breath. It crept into his mind that Selina would be very different from his previous mistresses. He pushed the thought away. He was being fanciful. That was all. Hurrying along an upstairs corridor the following morning, Verity heard a breathless voice protesting. Please, sir She should be helping Celia get ready for the riding party Anger burned away her hard-won caution. Hitching up her skirts, she broke into a run.

Godfrey stood there, an amused smile on his face. This would see Sukey dismissed. She turned on the man responsible like a tiger. Just go away! Godfrey loomed over both of them. Furious, Verity surged to her feet, a jagged shard of porcelain in her hand. Go away! She turned on the maid. Go and pack. Her eyes bored into Verity. No explanations. She held her breath. So, from his vantage point just inside his bedchamber, did Max. He opened the door a little more.

Lady Faringdon had her back to him, but she looked as though a poker had been stitched into her gown. He focused on Selina, standing between her mistress and the weeping maid.

Her face was blank, expressionless, the eyes downcast.

Silence held for a moment. Then a blur of movement and a ringing slap. A little domestic disaster? If he saw that mark on her cheek he might just strangle his hostess.

Lady Faringdon blanched, her hand going to her mouth. If she struck Selina again Godfrey—our guests are waiting to go riding. You should be down already. Are you not going?

Not now. He had something else to do. Chapter Three He found her in the schoolroom. Apart from the red mark on her cheek, she looked tired. Faint smudges showed like bruises beneath her eyes.

Anger coalesced deep inside. That someone had hit her, hurt her in any way—he swallowed his rage and strode into the room. Miss Mangnell? And good lord—The Mirror of Graces?

How to be a proper young lady? Max gave a snort of laughter. I should not have said that. Biting off a curse, Elizabeth Rolls 53 he reached out and touched it gently. Does that hurt? Why not tell her the truth? She would have been dismissed all the quicker. But still He swore mentally. What else could he do? To starve? Or worse? Worse than death, in fact. The devil it does!

He planned to seduce Selina. Yet for chapter after chapter, he's tormenting and persecuting her, and it happens again and again. And the heroine does little more than endure and make saintly resolutions.

I hoped she'd wallop him with her reticule and then RUN and never look back, but no such luck.

That spoiled the ending for me. The HEA seemed as if it could merely be another one of those lucid moments the hero usually has right before he turns into an utter jerk again.

Jun 24, Kelly rated it it was ok Shelves: It was free. I want to start by saying that. It was a free download through the site store and it sounded promising. It wasn't terrible, exactly, but it was terribly contrived.

Genteel, impoverished Verity falls in love with the Earl of somewhere when she was 15 and he showed her an inkling of kindness after her father died. A series of half-truths, lies and misund Okay. A series of half-truths, lies and misunderstandings have the two of them winding up in bed and when the Earl learns who she is, he agrees to marry her.

Cue dramatic music. Seriously, the bulk of the problems between the two of them arise from hurt feelings and a complete lack of communication.

That's all you have to do, people, and then you won't spend half the book moping and pining over the love that you've screwed up beyond redemption. But don't worry, I'm sure the two of you will find a way to overcome all of this. Maybe by talking. No, it's not terrible. It's decently written, it's just not absolutely fabulous. Aug 28, babyfishmouth rated it it was ok Shelves: This started out with so much promise.

I loved the heroine's bravery. The hero was kind and condsiderate. Then it all went to hell. After Verity's Big Secret is discovered by Max, she became a simpering, spineless fool. He became a giant horse's ass. One misunderstanding after another and I wanted both of them to be bitten by a viper and die a slow death.

The hero's reason for not wanting a wife and child was ridiculous. Her inability to communicate with him was so frustrating.

Even after they f This started out with so much promise. Even after they finally declare undying love in the last chapter, you can't help imagining it will just be a matter of time before another Big Misunderstanding leads them to more misery and heartache.

I have read other books by this author that are much better. View 1 comment. Oct 18, Searock rated it liked it. May be one of the best opening chapters I have ever read. Alas, the story became so frustrating I now have several book-shaped dents in my walls. Jun 06, Rachel K rated it really liked it. Nov 06, Kim rated it it was ok Shelves: As a confessed book addict, a free book is like a free hit of a drug to me. Who could possibly turn down a novel for free, much less one from the famous Harlequin romance novel series?

Thank you Barnes and Noble for your free Nook Books Follow along as I share my unique experience in reading one of these intriguing romances, His Lady Mistress, and feel free to comment below if you share my experience or feel otherwise. Our heroine, Verity Scott, is caught in a sad state of affairs.

With her fat As a confessed book addict, a free book is like a free hit of a drug to me. With her father recently deceased due to suicide, she has no inheritance to her name and she is awash with grief.

Fast forward five years, where Verity is now living in the care of her uncle, not as a member of the household but as a common servant.

Upon finding out that Selena is actually Verity he forces her to marry him, claiming that she knew all along the line she was walking. His overall opinion towards her, however, is as changing as the weather, as the two constantly fall in and out of love with each other.

What will become of them? Will Verity finally be able to convince him of her innocence? While the concept of the book was originally intriguing to me, the execution fell completely flat. The entire novel felt like one giant roller-coaster flowing off the ebb of the same conflict. He hates her, she loves him. She hates him, he loves her.

Back and forth and back and forth it went. Despite these shortcomings, His Lady Mistress did keep me entertained and both Max and Verity were definitely likeable at times. Although not for everyone, Harlequin romances do still hold a particular place in the literary world that they fill quite well. Give one a try and decide for yourself. Kimberly Reflections of a Book Addict http: Aug 12, Bekah rated it it was ok Shelves: Somewhere between a 2.

But it's the "jerk of a husband hurts the wife so much that he breaks her spirit, and then she freezes him out and then he does everything he can to make it up to her" genre.

I love them. One book where this is really done quite well is The Velvet Promise. This was also one of those: I thought you didn't want ME " books.

With multiple and I do mean multiple other misunderstandings Somewhere between a 2. With multiple and I do mean multiple other misunderstandings thrown in to fill pages. There was one surprise at the end that I found unnecessary.

I thought to myself finish the book already! With all that said, I do like these sort of books. Where the guy is a total jerk to his sweet, innocent and loving wife - says all manner of vile things to her until she finally gets the hint and stops doing sweet and loving things for him.

Freezes him out, and either refuses to see him or just completely runs away. Then of course he has to come back and drop on his knees and beg forgiveness. One odd thing in this story is that the hero, Max, just didn't seem like a genuine jerk, because he was so sweet and caring and attentive in the begining and then WHAM she's a whore?

It didn't flow well for me. However the book was good enough for me to finish because of the crazy sub genre. Dec 15, SheLove2Read rated it did not like it Shelves: I'm trying to think of an appropriate word to describe how I feel about this book, and I'm coming up blank.

I don't want to insult this writers hard work - obviously it got published so someone thought it was good. Just not me. I'm going to go with "I'm glad I got this for free because I didn't finish it. This was my favorite from this author.

I read this one first, and though there are some issues with this asshole hero, I was totally invested emotionally in the story, which is a good thing.

I went on to read several others by her and just barely remember them, while this one, I can still remember key scenes and details. I'm not sure I could've loved a hero quite as obtuse as this one, but I do enjoy reading books that make me feel thing strongly.

Jan 30, Ashlee rated it it was ok Recommends it for: People who love Regency - just don't have a very high expectation. I love Regency romance. LOVE them - a lot. This book though, was terribly redundant and annoying. I finished it just so I could tell people how bad it was. The only thing I liked about it was the prologue and that there was a happy ending.

Who needs an unbelievably stupid hero and a heroine who's too afraid to say what's on her mind? I don't, that's who. Alright story, but way too many trivial misunderstandings masquerading as plot.

I like Elizabeth Rolls' books because they usually have some quirky humor. This one is a bit dark in comparison, but still a good story. I received this ebook as a free read from the publisher, with no expectation of review. In the year of , a fifteen-year-old girl follows two men who throw a dead body into a pony cart.

A stranger on horseback also follows the two men.

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The young girl, Verity Scott, follows at a distance, describing the grisly scene step-by-step since the man in the cart is her father. Jumping forward to , Verity is forced by her guardians to change her name to Selina Dering.

I love rags to riches stories and this one has a few more twists than expected. The cruelty Verity faces from her guardians is beyond imaginable, which makes it believable that a young, innocent woman would accept a position as a mistress with a well-renowned rake.

She has no money of her own, no references and no way to escape other than relying on Max, who turns out to be an earl. Lord Blakehurst is well-meaning, if not a bit misguided by his wealth, reputation and basically acting as a man who sees his bachelorhood as necessary for one specific reason.

It will either break her or make her stronger, but her happy-ever-after depends on developing strength. I sometimes wanted to strangle Max for all his posturing and self-importance, when Verity could have used some compassion. Oh, Max has compassion—he just misunderstands everything about Verity most of the time. Luckily, there are some secondary characters who are more than willing to point out his ignorance, which is very entertaining.

From dogs to children, the secondary characters enhance the plot. Elizabeth Rolls First published: London and English Countryside, and Sex: Explicit but not overly frequent. Major in the army, second son who had unexpectedly inherited title.

Orphaned daughter of Max' Colonel.

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Treated as a servant by her family. Verity's father committed suicide as a result of ptsd and drug addiction. It is discussed frequently.

She had gi Author: She had given it.

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Then he had pushed her away. He had called her back. She had come. Hesitantly, but she had come and given her trust again. And he had broken faith again, shattering what he had been given so freely. Rolls gives us a push-pull relationship as he makes love to her one night without consummation and calls her a whore, pushing her away, the next. It's very angsty with a heroine who is almost a doormat.

Verity wants to love and to belong. She has been so starved of affection she grasps at all the crumbs thrown by Max. And I really want to hate Max for it. He doesn't treat her well. And yet He has his reasons, too. It's a good story of love growing on a rock strewn field. Verity works at it, hard. Time and again. Linked Books: Author's websites: Sep 28, Jasmyn rated it it was ok Shelves: Verity Scott has lost everything Her mother died years ago and now her father has committed suicide, which means all his worldly goods are forfeit and he will be buried in an unmarked grave.

As Verity is mourning and trying to figure out what to do Max Blakehurst, an old friend of her father's, comes as assists her in honoring his grave in what little ways they can.

The young Verity instantly associates this man with safety, security, and love. But he is gone in the morning and she Verity Scott has lost everything But he is gone in the morning and she is sent to her Uncle's to live.

A couple years later and Verity no longer exists. Her uncle's family has changed her name and taken her in, not as a relative but a very poorly treated servant. When Max shows up to visit the family he doesn't recognize her but is instantly fascinated by her.

He decides to "help" her by offering to set her up as his Mistress. Once her true identity comes to light and scandal is about to set in, he decides he must to the right and proper thing by marrying her. I was very surprised by how much I enjoyed Verity.

Many times in Harlequin Historicals the leading lady is a bit washed out, ready to fall into the arms of whatever man is nice to her. Not Verity. She insists on certain things being her way and when it all seems to be falling apart, she's not afraid to up and leave Max in London. He was very wishy-washy, constantly changing his mind about whether or not he loved Verity, trusted Verity, wanted Verity, would treat Verity with respect.

He seemed to be apologizing for something every chapter. If I had been Verity I think I would have had enough long before the end of the book.Unlike Verity Scott, Selina had had her chance and refused it. Yes, a mistress, not a mate, he never wanted one.

Pretend that in the house, or somewhere about the estate, was someone who cared for her. Much easier to slip out unnoticed from here.

In the year of , a fifteen-year-old girl follows two men who throw a dead body into a pony cart. Also, it uses lots of big words, which I liked. Not to be always apart. Oh, she knew why Godfrey wanted her.

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