Age of Rebellion - Strongholds of Resistance (SWA30) [OCR+].pdf - Free For more information about the Star Wars: A ge of R ebellion line, free downloads. Age of Rebellion - Strongholds of Resistance (SWA30) - Download as PDF File . pdf) or read online. star wars rpg rules supplement. Index of /public/Books/ Wars RPG - FF/Age Of Rebellion/ [ SWA30] Strongholds of Resistance - Rebel M .

Star Wars Strongholds Of Resistance Pdf

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Age of Rebellion - (SWA02) Core, , MB Age of Rebellion - (SWA30) Strongholds of, Download Age of Rebellion - Strongholds of Resistance (SWA30) [OCR+].pdf. stronghold on Imperial Center, once the resistance have sprung to life, waiting for For more information about the Star Wars: Edge of the Empire line, free.

You can start you journey by selecting Sections on the left, and then explore in to various sections of Gear, Weapons, and Vehicles. This is, and probably always will be, a work in progress. We hope you find it useful in your RPG adventures.

If you have any comments, suggestions, or corrections feel free to contact us at our email. The only book not entered into the index is Savage Spirits, which of course is not out. Please take a look and tell us of anything that looks wrong, we want to fix any issues as soon as possible. You may have also notice that Vehicles and Starships are now quite pretty. We have the stat block just like it shows in the books and have enhanced the image to make things look better.

We do need to get more images of vehicles that have transparent backgrounds, but we're working on it. Hope you all enjoy. April 5, , p. It is time Updates are moving right along.

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Strongholds of Resistance and Mask of the Pirate Queen are complete. It also provides information about a few lesser cities, and the crystal canyons, as well as a few native peoples and creatures that could be encountered in the cities or the wilds.

Sidebars enrich the environments with a few extra details like a hovertrain that connects agricultural communities, and rumors of an ancient Jedi tomb in the crystal canyons. Kinyen, the Gran home world is given similar treatment, as is the aquatic planet of the Mon Calamari and the Quarren, Mon Cala, and the volcanic, industrial world of Sullust, home to the Sorosuub corporation, and Sullustans. Ord Gimmel is included as well.

It is apparently a chief provider of hyperdrives, but has a weird history in that it was forgotten by the republic and cut off from the galaxy for a period of time. Its not clearly explained how this could have happened. Seems like an odd choice.

Age of Rebellion - Strongholds of Resistance (SWA30) [OCR+].pdf

The Roche Asteroid field is the home of the Verpine which are also provided as a playable race in this book. They are technologically-minded, and had a lot to do with project Shantipole and the development of the B-Wing fighter.

That is no cave! Other planets include Thyferra, home of bacta production, Yavin 4, the former rebel base, and the rebel flagship Independence, home of the rebel high command.

There are also a few paragraphs on minor locations like Barkhesh, Chardaan, Contruum, Hoth, and Kolaador. The second section of the book goes in-depth about rebel bases, large and small.

It starts big with Echo base on Hoth, and provides suggestions for participating in the evacuation, should the GM want to recreate the famous scene from Empire Strikes Back.

The next is an asteroid base on Polis Massa that mainly serves as an archaeology research station. Interestingly, it does detail a secret rebel base, but none of the elements are pictured in the diagram; another odd choice.

Strongholds of resistance pdf

The Tierfon Outpost is a nice example of a smaller base that could be encountered. It has a barracks, command center, medical suite and hanger, as well as 8 fighters Y or X-wings and shuttle or freighters for deliveries, as well as a few speeders for ground transport.

Interestingly, it is provided in several stages, which represent the development of the base over time, with more assets and staff. The third section is about player options with new races, gear, and ships.Athletics 3, Brawl 2, Survival 3, Vigilance 3.


Though Imperial infiltration of safe worlds is rare, it has been known to happen. Sometimes, these pil lars are hollowed out to serve as buildings or turbolift shafts to the surface.

It also provides information about a few lesser cities, and the crystal canyons, as well as a few native peoples and creatures that could be encountered in the cities or the wilds. Imperial agents ruthlessly cracked down on worlds that resisted Imperial rule.

While the Rebel victory at Yavin prevented Chandrila from suffering Alderaans fate, its citizens began paying for Mon Mothmas defiance. Chandrilan House, the planetary government, also ensures the envi ronment is protected from corpo rate pollution.

Fecklen wander the Chandrilan countryside, grazing on balmgrass and occasionally blocking traffic. Shii-Cho is about dealing with crowds of enemies in melee, allowing you to strike multiple targets with a single attack.

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