Vacuum Tube Valley (VTV) was a magazine produced by Charlie 'C.K.' You can download each issue of Vacuum Tube Valley in PDF form at the links below. All 20 issues of VACUUM TUBE VALLEY magazine are available for free download: /Pioneering. Vacuum Tube Valley Magazine pdf back issues New. «on: January 13, , AM». good reading for any tube freaks>.

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Vacuum Tube Valley magazine VTV17 - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. Vacuum Tube Valley magazine issue# "Tube-O-Vibe," version of Univibe guitar device. .. Groove Tube and Fritztronics , tube-manu- facture deal. @. Screening Vacuum Tubes. Hoffman Amplifiers Tube Amp Forum, Vacuum Tube Valley. VTVpdf ( kB - downloaded times.) «Last Edit: August 15,

Here is the link: Decware "Rachael" integrated amp. Member Posts: Thanks for the link!

Vacuum Tube Valley now available in free .pdf

I have a few of those issues and really enjoyed the articles. Really learned a lot when they highlighted a particular tube type.

Now that I think about it,.. Check out no 4, page 24 bottom right.

Loks quite familiar doesn't it? I wondered, 'what the hell is he talking about?

Yup, familiar territory. And the articles are fascinating too. Thanks for sharing the link!!

A free treasure!! Cheers, Geary. Henry's Cat Jr. This is great reading! I used to subscribe to Glass Audio but didn't renew my subscription when they changed to AudioXpress.

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Charles Kittleson was a truly fevered audiophile, though secretly a tortured soul who suffered an apparently fatal run-in with Bernie Madoff's criminal enterprise. He tried to promote local audio shows for a while, one of which I greatly benefited from.

Vacuum tube valley

His heart was always in the right place audio-wise and I am greatly saddened by the way things turned out for him. Originally Posted by Steve Schell. As I understand it, Kittleson took his life as a result of major losses in the Madoff debacle.

I do not have more detailed information. Got them, very interesting.

Tube theory and circuit design

Somehow, I don't know why, I did not keep my issues. Thanks again.

I have all of the issues of Vacuum Tube Valley in print edition I was at one time an acquaintance of a few of the bunch involved in it's production and especially one notable contributor I will say just one thing - take ALL new product reviews, new at the time of publication anyway read: Similar Threads Ayaboh's plans - does anyone have a live download link?This is a very good stuff, thanks!!! For this reason the speaker terminals of 6L6 tube amplifiers are sometimes short-circuited by a switching 6.

Print Search. The publication spanned many years; producing 20 issues in total packed full of excellent information about audio vacuum tubes, vacuum tube equipment and a variety of DIY projects.

Henry's Cat Jr. I downloaded them all and can read on the bus to work. These triode are consumes lot of electrical power and gave enormous heat energy these are the major problems.

Trouble logging in? Variations[ edit ] Early variations included transmitting tubes such as the with 6.

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